Triple Play by G. L. Pease

GLP - Triple Play

Another sample I got granted by my dear pipe-friend from the UK was G. L. Pease’s "Triple Play". After I liked their „JackKnife Plug“ quite a lot, I was looking forward to get to try this blend, as it seemed to me like a less smoky, due to the addition of Perique more peppery version of JackKnife...


All good things come in threes...

Both come in Plug-Cut and sheesh…Mr. Pease knows how to make some Plug tobacco imho! Quite different from the ones by Motzek f.e. and much different than traditional „danish-style“ plugs, which are pretty dense, the G.L. Pease plugs aren’t that dense and require a quite sharp knife to cut off flake-ish slices, that won’t crumble apart whilst cutting.

Beautiful coloration of red-brown, black and bright-yellow/orange.
Triple Play is (as the name suggests) a blend consisting out of three parts: Virginias, (Acadian-)Perique and dark fired Kentucky leaf. I find the ame to be very apt, as the taste truly is a „Triple Play“! All three ingridients get their share in the aroma and – at least taste-wise – seem to be almost in the same proportions.

A wonderful melange of three fine ingridients

The very natural unburnt aroma of woodsy-smokiness, sour-sweet, some earth and decent spice instantly intrigued me as a fan(atic) of most natural smokes.

Triple Play, smoldering in the clay-pipe blew me away! This is a blend that 100 percent matches my taste in pipe tobacco. Hearty, with some power to it, yet refined and with some depth to it. I perceive notes of smoky, woodsy Kentucky with some earth, slightly sweet nuttiness and decent peppery Perique punch, that also sports a minor stoved fruit aroma. Virginias flatter the taste with a mildly grassy-sweet, citrusy-fresh note. The tobacco burns slow and cool, with no harsh spots or bite! Even tho I rubbed the plug out very finely, it was smoldering much longer than most plugs I had in my clays.

Intense colors, intense aroma, intense smoking-experience....Triple Play by GLP

Skillfully blended, Triple Play is a heavenly, top-notch Va/Per/Ky blend!

All three ingridients form a „Triple Play“ and all of them are present in every puff, whilst being consistent throughout the bowl. What starts a medium-strong, gains a bit of strenght, both in taste and nicotine, to settle as a rather strong and full-bodied smoke. Enthusiasts of stronger blends won’t find this overwhelming in strenght tho! It leaves a pleasant, spicy and slightly nutty aftertaste behind that's not lingering for too long, but makes you want more.

It slightly reminds me of „JackKnife Plug“, as it seems they used the same, or similar dark fired leaf for this blend. I thought JackKnife was pretty good….Triple Play is pretty god-like! ;-) At least to Aficionados of Va/Per/Ky (aka „Trinity of Tobacco Blending“) blends and lovers of a hearthy, strong(er) and full-bodied smoke.

It’s a pity GLP isn’t available over here in Germany… this was my second blend by Mr. Pease and I’ll happily admit – he impressed me! Both blends seem very natural, the Plugs look beautiful and the tin designs are charming. It’s a joy from cracking the tin, up to dumping the fine, white ash the tobaccos leave behind. Chapeau!

Even tho rubbed out finely, Triple Play makes for a long and slow smoldering smoke


  • Strenght: 4 out of 5 points
  • Taste: 4 out of 5 points (full-bodied and refined, intense and rounded aroma of three fine ingridients)
  • Flavoring: 0 out of 5 points 
  • Room-note: tolerable to strong (spicy, tobacco-y)

Explanation of ratings:

1 – very mild;
2 – mild to medium-strength/mild to medium;
3 – medium-strength/medium;
4 – medium-strength to strong/medium to full
5 – strong/(very) full

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